Using the Internet Connection Wizard to Create a Dial-Up Networking Connection in Windows XP


Step 1


Click Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Communications, and then New Connection Wizard.







Step 2



If this is the first time you have attempted to configure the modem on your computer, a Local Information window like the one shown here may appear.

If it does, type in your area code (e.g., 724) and click OK.

If this window does not appear, skip to Step 4.





Step 3



If the Location Information window appears as shown in Step 2, upon clicking OK, a Phone and Modem Options window will appear.

Click OK.





Step 4



When the Welcome to the New Connection Wizard window appears, click Next to continue.





Step 5



When the Network Connection Type window appears, choose Connect to the Internet, and click Next





Step 6



When the Getting Ready window appears, choose Set up my connection manually, and click Next





Step 7



When the Internet Connection window appears, choose Connect using a dial-up modem, and click Next





Step 8



When the Connection Name window appears, type a name for your connection in the ISP Name field, for example, NC Connect, and click Next





Step 9



When the Phone Number to Dial window appears, enter one of our dial-in phone numbers that is a local call for you  (this can be found in the Numbers page of this website and should be entered as 10 straight digits) in the Phone number field, and click Next





Step 10



When the Internet Account Information window appears, enter your NC Connect e-mail address in the User name field, and enter your password in the Password and Confirm password fields. Leave checks in all of the check boxes, and click Next





Step 11



When the Completing the New Connection Wizard window appears, consider placing a check in the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop field (this will make it easier to find when you want to dial in!) and click Finish.





Step 12



If you checked the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop field as suggested in Step 11, you should now have a new shortcut on your desktop.  When you want to dial in, you'll just double-click this icon.